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Englewood Incised


Named by Gordon Willey for incised material from the Englewood Mound, 8So1, in Sarasota County, Florida. We doubt that this type occurs in Georgia.

Sorting Criteria

Medium incising and punctuating on fine sand-tempered pottery. Incisions are rectilinear designs, occasionally accompanied by interlocking curvilinear elements. Designs include rectangles in which incisions are alternately filled with teardrop-shaped punctuations. Also includes continuous crises-cross or diamond elements with the background filled with teardrop or dot punctuations. Zigzag incised bands or connected chevrons with the background filled in with punctuations also occur. Rectangle panels with diagonal bands with backgrounds filled with punctuations occur. Continuous curvilinear plain bands arranged in S-shapes with punctuated backgrounds occur. Curvilinear bands with backgrounds punctuated, vertical and diagonal bands, alternately filled with punctuations also occur. Known vessel forms include cylinders, short-collared jars, simple jars, bowls, beaker-bowls, and open bowls. Rims are unmodified and lips are flat or flat-round.

Geographical Range
Sarasota County and surrounding region. We doubt that this comes into southern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Between Weeden Island II and Safety Harbor periods of Late Woodland to Mississippi periods.
Surface Treatment
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