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Point Washington Incised


Named by Gordon Willey for the Point Washington site excavated by Clarence B. Moore in Washington County, Florida.

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Incising on fine to medium size grit-tempered pottery always with 2, 3, or 4 lines only. Designs include loop figures, complicated scrolls, running scrolls, ovals with cross bars, diamonds, V-shaped figures, and combinations of curvilinear and rectilinear elements. Known vessel forms include shallow bowls, flattened-globular bowls, cazuela bowls (most common), collared globular bowls, shor t-collared jars, bottles, double bowls, jars with cambered rims, and simple bowls with effigies. Rims are inslanting or incurving dependent on the vessel form. Lips are rounded or round-pointed. Effigies and vertical lugs are sometimes attached to the vessels. Bases are rounded.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Florida Coast and southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Mississippian Fort Walton period.
Surface Treatment
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