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McDougal Plain


This type was defined by Jesse Jennings and Charles Fairbanks in 1940 as one of the Macon Plateau plain pottery types. Named after the McDougal Mound at the Macon Plateau site.

Sorting Criteria

Poorly smoothed pottery with coarse crushed shell tempering. These sherds usually have the shell leeched out of them. Vessel form is a large circular basin. Rims are straight, sometimes thickened below rim. Lips are flat, sometimes rounded. This can be very difficult to sort from Bibb Plain sherds.

Geographical Range
The Macon Plateau area in central Georgia.
Chronological Range
Early Mississippian Macon Plateau period.
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)
Color photo, 5 plain Indigenous ceramic fragments varying in depth of red pigment and size.