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Mossy Oak Cord Marked


Named developed by Robert Wauchope and used only by him. The name is not recommended. Named after the Mossy Oak site just east of Macon on the banks of the Ocmulgee River.

Sorting Criteria

Cord marking on fine to medium grit-tempered pottery The exteriors of the vessels were stamped either in the zone just below the rim, or over the entire vessel. Cord markings are usually vertical to the rim. Exteriors are orange, buff, or dark grey to black in color The interiors of the vessels are gritty, often having visible marks from smoothing implements. Interiors are orange, buff, through dark gray to black in color. Rims are straight to slightly flared. The bodies of the vessel are cylindrical with slight shoulders and round or conoidal bases. Some vessels have tetrapod supports.

Geographical Range
Northern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Early Woodland?
Surface Treatment