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Indian Pass Incised


This type was named by Gordon Willey. This type is part of the Weeden Island pottery series. Named after the Indian Pass Point site, 8Gu1, in Gulf County, Florida.

Sorting Criteria

Fine incising with multiple lines on fine sand-tempered pottery. Designs include sweeping curvilinear loops, whorls, and straight-line herringbone arrangements. Known vessel forms include flattened globular bowls, jars, open bowls, short collared jars, and cylindrical beakers. Rims are thickened, out-slanted, and have exterior folds. Lips are both flat and rounded.

Geographical Range
This type of pottery occurs in northwestern Florida and enters Georgia up the Chattahoochee River into southwestern Georgia, perhaps even to the Fall Line.
Chronological Range
Late Woodland, Weeden Island period.
Surface Treatment
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