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Irene Filfot Stamped


This type was named by Joseph Caldwell and Antonio Waring after the Irene site, 9Ch1, excavated in Savannah in the late 1930s. This type name is no longer recommended, use Irene Complicated Stamped instead.

Sorting Criteria

Filfot cross stamped design on grit-tempered pottery. The rims of these pots have a high frequency of cane punctuates. Vessels forms include elongated globular shaped jars and wide mouthed hemispherical bowls. Lips are rounded or squared. Rims are usually flaring. On hemispherical bowls, rims tend to be straight or incurving.

Geographical Range
The name for this type is not used anywhere else but on the Georgia Coast.
Chronological Range
Late Mississippian - Early Lamar Irene period.
Surface Treatment
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