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Irene Incised


This is essentially the same as Lamar Bold Incised. Named after the Irene site, 9Ch1, in the northern portion of Savannah excavated in the late 1930s.

Sorting Criteria

Incising on grit-tempered pottery. In the Irene phase, designs are simple, usually including no more than 3 lines, and include concentric festoons, circles, guilloches, and swirls. Punctuations are rare. In the later Pine Harbor phase, designs become more complex and sometimes cover the entire exterior of the vessel. Designs include concentric circles, ovals and squares, scrolls and guilloches, interwoven with cross, hand, baton, and serpent motifs. Punctuations with incising are more common in the Pine Harbor and Altamaha phases than in the Irene phase. Known vessel forms include wide-mouthed bowls and globular jars with elongated necks. Rims are generally incurving or straight. Lips are rounded or square. Bases are rounded or flat.

Geographical Range
The name for this type is not used anywhere else but on the Georgia Coast.
Chronological Range
This is an Early Lamar type 1300-1400 A.D. This type occurs in Irene, Pine Harbor, and Altamaha period. Production ceases in the Altamaha period.
Surface Treatment
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