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Hawkins Fabric Marked


Named after Fort Hawkins which is located just northwest of the Macon Plateau site (9Bi1) in Macon. Named by Jesse Jennings and Charles Fairbanks.

Sorting Criteria

Fabric marking on thick, coarse, shell-tempered, large diameter plates. The fabric is a double strand, 1-2 millimeters in diameter. Known vessel form is a flaring side, circular basin with a flattened base. Rims are straight and tilted out from the base. Lips are rounded, occasionally flat.

Geographical Range
This pottery occurs only at Macon Plateau sites in an area no more than 10 miles in diameter around Ocmulgee National Monument.
Chronological Range
Early Mississippian Macon Plateau period.
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)
Color photo, 2 Indigenous ceramic fragments with deep, coarse fabric impressions