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Hiwassee Island Red Filmed


Defined by Tom Lewis and Madeline Kneberg at the Hiwassee Island site. This pottery is identical to Etowah Red Filmed except that it is tempered with finely ground shell.

Sorting Criteria

Smoothed, plain, with iron oxide paint film on fine to medium shell-tempered pottery. Known vessel forms include shallow bowls and bottles. Rims are straight or incurved, occasionally thickened by a round fold. Flared rims rising to points also exist. Long-necked bottle rims and blank face effigy bottle rims also occur. Vessels occasionally have effigies attached.

Geographical Range
This type occurs in eastern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia. The shell-tempered Hiwassee Island occurs more in eastern Tennessee, while the grit-tempered Etowah is more prevalent in northwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Early to Middle Mississippian, Hiwassee Island phase.
Surface Treatment