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Marrinan, Rochelle A.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
24 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archeological Survey of Two Proposed Recreation Areas, Liberty County, Georgia

None Present.

Liberty 1976
54 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Sewage Treatment Facility Pembroke, Bryan County, Georgia Clearing House #76-04-06-21

None Present.

Bryan 1977
126 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Assessment of Sunset Villa Apartments Site, Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia, Clearing House #78-09-28-09

An archaeological assessment of property presently part of the Millikin Estate in Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia was performed November 18, 1978. This property is slated for development as apartments. The site lies west of the city of Jesup.

Wayne 1978
571 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Data Recovery NPS Cam 4 - Raccoon Key

This report details the results of archeological data recovery conducted in June and July 1982 by a Southeast Archeological Center crew at a prehistoric shell midden, NPS CAM 4, located near the southern end of Cumberland Island, Georgia.

Camden 1984
584 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Cherokee Lake Archaeological Assessment, Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia

This report details the methods applied and the findings resulting from an archaeological assessment of Cherokee Lake Park, Thomasville, Thomas County, Georgia. The proposed park area includes 64.8 acres of wooded upland, pecan grove, old fields, and pond.

Thomas 1985
2435 Marrinan, Rochelle A. The Cultural Resources of Blackbeard National Wildlife Refuge, McIntosh County, Georgia

This study presents the results of archaeological and archival investigations of Blackbeard National Wildlife Refuge, McIntosh County, Georgia.

McIntosh 1980
4628 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archeological and Historical Resources: The Little Satilla Watershed, Appling and Wayne Counties, Georgia

During June 1976 an intensive survey within the Little Satilla Watershed was undertaken to determine the presence of archeological and historical sites and to determine the impact of proposed stream channelization on them.

Appling 1976
5231 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Survey of Two Proposed Recreation Areas in Liberty County, The Bill Carter Road Area Park & The Briar Bay Area Park

No cultural deposits or human alteration of this land assignable to either a prehistoric or non-20th century origin was apparent. Therefore, neither site seems to warrant further testing or National Registry nomination.

Laurens 1977
5273 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Survey of Recreational Facility Areas, McIntosh County

The quantity of cultural material recovered from this property indicates that the site will produce little additional information on prehistoric human activity in this area.

Liberty 1985
5289 Wild, Kenneth S., Marrinan, Rochelle A. Soil Restivity Survey of the Hospital Site, Andersonville National Historic Site

In July of 1985, an electrical soil resistivity survey was conducted at Andersonville National Historic Site. The area surveyed was projected to be the location of the "shed hospital," the last of three hospitals providing medical care to federal prisoners..

Cherokee 1990
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