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Kellar, James H.

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
6688 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Kellar, James H. Final Report on Archaeological Explorations at the Mandeville Site, 9CY1, Clay County, Georgia

The final report on archeological exploration at the Mandeville site, 9 Cla 1, may be regarded as terminal or final only in the sense that a report was made to The National Park Service, Department of Interior, comprising those results of field work, survey, laboratory analysis of materials, and

Clay 1962
14848 McMichael, Edward V., Kellar, James H. Mandeville Site (9Cla1) First Season

Archaeological exploration at the Mandeville site (9Clal), in Clay County, Georgia, and this report of the results thereof prepared by archaeologists of the University of Georgia, are part of the InterAgency Archeological Salvage program between the National Park Service, the Smithsonian In

Clay 1960
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