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Brewton Hill Complicated Stamped


Swift Creek Complicated Stamped from Chatham County on the Georgia Coast. Named by Caldwell and Waring in the late 1930s. The name Brewton Hill Complicated Stamped has been used only on the Georgia Coast and nowhere else, nor has it been used much since it has been named. See Deptford Complicated Stamped also.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on sand / grit-tempered pottery. Designs are finely made, and lands are low and distinct. Design elements include: spiral interlocking scrolls, concentric circles, and figure eights. The figure-eight motifs are generally more elaborate in the Brewton Hill stamping than in Savannah period complicated stamping. Generally Brewton Hill stamping is more finely executed and exhibits a greater number of design elements than Savannah complicated stamping. Vessel forms are cylindrical with flaring sides and conical or round bases. Rims are straight, and lips are squared.

Geographical Range
Northern Georgia Coast.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland, part of the Deptford complex.
Surface Treatment
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