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Deptford Complicated Stamped


This is Swift Creek Complicated Stamped from the Deptford site. Caldwell used the term in 1952, without much comment or formal description and DePratter continued to use this as a part of the Deptford series in his work. This type is also the same as Brewton Hill Complicated Stamped.

Sorting Criteria

Fine and distinct complicated stamping on fine grit and sand tempered pottery. Designs include spiral interlocking scrolls, concentric circles, snowshoes, swirls, figure-sixes and figure-eights. The exterior color ranges from yellow to black. Interior colors range from buff to black. The core color ranges from dark gray to black. Known vessel forms include cylindrical with out-flaring sides that taper at the base. The lips of the vessels are squared, sometimes rounded, and rims are straight.

Geographical Range
Chatham County and the northern Georgia Coast
Chronological Range
Occurs in Deptford II in the Middle Woodland period.
Surface Treatment