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Brown's Mount Plain


Useless name created by Charles Fairbanks in the mid 1950s for certain Macon Plateau period sherds found at the Brown's Mount site, 9Bi5, east of Macon. Brown's Mount Plain is essentially Bibb Plain in the form of little owl effigies that are perched on the lips of Bibb Plain bowls. The excavators found several of these bowls at the Brown's Mount site in a pure Macon Plateau context in the 1930s and Fairbanks thought they were noteworthy enough that he should call them Brown's Mount to recognize this characteristic. Has little reason to exist in our judgment. Use Bibb Plain as a type name instead.

Sorting Criteria

Plain pottery tempered with grit, shell, or mixed shell and grit. Vessels are hemispherical bowls. Rims are straight or slightly curved. Lips are usually rounded, narrowed and rounded, and rarely square.

Geographical Range
Macon Plateau and vicinity in central Georgia.
Chronological Range
Early Missippian Macon Plateau period.
Surface Treatment
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