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Crooked River Complicated Stamped, Early Variety


Named by Gordon Willey in 1949. This seems to be just a single motif within the broad category of Swift Creek Complicated Stamped. It does not seem necessary to name Crooked River as a separate type.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on sand-tempered pottery. The designs are rectilinear zigzag lines or chevrons in a herringbone-like manner. The chevrons are continuous down the side or around the body of the vessel. This is an early Swift Creek type with the marker notched and/or scalloped rims-thus the type name. The interiors of the vessels are smooth. Vessels are straight-sided pot forms with rounded bases.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Florida and Southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland Santa-Rosa, Swift Creek period. Early Swift Creek period.
Surface Treatment
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