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Deptford Bold Check Stamped


Joseph Caldwell and Antonio Waring named this type base upon the 1930's WPA work at the Deptford site, 9Ch2,in Chatham County on the Georgia Coast. Deptford Bold Check Stamped and Deptford Check Stamped are the same type. By the 1960s Wauchope was using the name Deptford Check Stamped for the non-linear check stamped pottery.

Sorting Criteria

This is a fine to medium quartz grit-tempered check stamped pottery. Shapes of the checks include squares, rectangles, rhomboids, and triangles. The exteriors of the vessels are entirely covered with checks and are orange buff or dark grey to black in color. The interior of the vessels are gritty, often having marks from smoothing implements visible. The body of the vessel is cylindrical with a slight shoulder and a round or conoidal base.

Rims are straight to slightly flared.

Some vessels have tetrapod supports.

Geographical Range
The distribution of this type ranges from the St. Johns River in northeastern Florida, well into South Carolina. It is also to be found inland up the Savannah and Altamaha Rivers. North of the Fall Line it is more commonly called Cartervil
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland.
Surface Treatment
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