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Deptford Cord Marked


Goggin referred to this in 1952. Also see comments in Deptford Heavy Cord Marked description. DePratter believes this is simply Chatham County Cord Marked found with Deptford Check Stamped. Savannah Fine Cord Marked is likely related, but at a later time period.

Sorting Criteria

Cord marking on fine to medium grit-tempered pottery. The exteriors of the vessels are cord marked in the zone just below the rim or over the entire vessel surface. Cord marking is usually vertical to the rim. The interiors of the vessels are gritty, often having marks from smoothing implements visible. Rims are straight to slightly flared.

The bodies of the vessels are cylindrical with slight shoulders and round or conoidal bases.

Some vessels have tetrapod supports.

Geographical Range
The distribution of this type ranges from the St. Johns River in northeastern Florida well into South Carolina.
Chronological Range
Occurs in Middle Woodland context in Deptford phases I and II.
Surface Treatment