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Stallings Simple Stamped


Neither Griffin, nor Sears and Griffin defined this as part of the Stallings series, as with Stallings Plain and Stallings Punctate. Antonio Waring used the name Stallings Island Simple Stamped, but the type name without the word Island is the preferred one at the present. Waring did not formally define the type, however. Ken Sassaman expanded on the type with his work in central Savannah Valley.

Sorting Criteria

Simple stamping on fiber-tempered pottery. The surface is stamped with V and U shaped impressions. Usually these designs are found parallel to each other. Fibers are visible on both the exterior and interior of the vessel. This type is easily confused with Thom's Creek Simple Stamped, which may have incidental inclusions of fiber.

Geographical Range
This type is found throughout the Coastal Plain, lower Piedmont of eastern Georgia, South Carolina, and southeastern North Carolina.
Chronological Range
Late Archaic, Stallings, and Thom's Creek phases.
Surface Treatment