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Overhill Complicated Stamped


This is similar to Lamar Complicated Stamped. Tom Lewis and Madeline Kneberg gave this name to the Lamar pottery that was in the historic Overhill Cherokee occupations in eastern Tennessee. The grit-tempered material was pulled out and named Tugalo Complicated Stamped.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on coarsely crushed shell or occasionally coarse grit-tempered pottery. Known vessel forms are jars and shallow bowls similar to salt pans. Rims are vertical on jar forms.

Geographical Range
The majority of this type of pottery is found in along the Little Tennessee and upper Hiwassee Rivers of eastern Tennessee. Possibly also found in extreme northern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Late Mississippian. The shell-tempered pottery is middle 18th century Cherokee pottery. The grit temper is thought to be an earlier form as well as contemporaneous with the shell-tempered form.
Surface Treatment
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