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Mission Red Filmed


This type is the same as Kasita Red Filmed. The name Mission Red Filmed was first given by Hale Smith for the Leon-Jefferson Complex in the Tallahassee area because it is associated with the Apalachee Indians who became converts under the Spanish missions. The vessels may be copy ware of Spanish vessels. Gordon Willey used the type name Kasita Red Filmed for similar material up the Chattahoochee River at the Fall Line.

Sorting Criteria

Thin red filming on fine sand-tempered pottery. Plate forms have interior red decoration zones set off by incised and broad trailed lines. Other forms are completely red slipped. Known vessel forms include plates, cups, and small globular jars. Rims are occasionally decorated with incised loops.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Florida and into southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
17th and early 18th century A.D.
Surface Treatment