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Leon-Jefferson Complicated Stamped


This type is virtually identical to Lamar Complicated Stamped. It was named after Leon and Jefferson Counties in Florida as part of the historic Apalachee pottery complex. Hale Smith originally called this Jefferson Complicated Stamped, a part of his Jefferson Ware complex, but the term Leon-Jefferson has become the standard name for this type.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamped grit-tempered pottery. Known motifs include concentric circles, bull's-eye design, nested parallelograms, herringbones, rectilinear borders around raised dots in sets of threes, interlocking waves around a central oval, and nested crosses. Known vessel forms are flaring-rim jars and straight-neck jars. Rims are usually folded pinched.

Geographical Range
This type is found in the northwestern Florida area and perhaps in portions of southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
17th century A.D.
Surface Treatment
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