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Little Kolomoki Complicated Stamped


This type, named by William Sears, appears to be just a style variation of Swift Creek Complicated Stamped. Named after Little Kolomoki Creek at the Kolomoki site in Early County, Georgia. Swift Creek Complicated Stamped

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on sand-tempered pottery. The surface of the pottery is not well smoothed before stamping, or the stamp is applied when the vessel is still wet. The interior is well smoothed, and tool marks are visible. The stamping is faint with narrow lands and grooves. Designs are difficult to make out usually. Common motifs are connected ovals, circles, and sometimes squares. Five to ten or more lands and grooves are used in production of each design. Vessels seem to be vertical walled large beakers. Rims are usually folded. Bases are slightly convex.

Geographical Range
Northwestern Florida and southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland Late Swift Creek / Weeden Island I period.
Surface Treatment