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Fort Walton Incised


This type was named by Gordon Willey. This pottery is related to Lamar Bold Incised and Pinellas Incised, but the designs are different. Named after Fort Walton Beach, on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Sorting Criteria

Deep, wide, and rectangular incisions on grit-tempered pottery. Dots, Squares, and occasionally hollow-reed punctations decorate the pot along with the incised lines. Designs include interlocking scrolls, running scrolls, circles, trifoil figures, crescentic forms, S-shaped and reverse S-figures, rectilinear stepped figures, pendent loops, and triangles. Punctations and incised lines are sometimes used as filler for the design backgrounds. Known vessel forms include shallow bowls, cazuela bowls, collared globular bowls, short-collared jars, beaker-bowls, bottles, gourd-effigy, and flattened-globular bowls with effigies. Rims are in-slanting or incurving. A majority of the rims exhibits thickening, except for thinning at the lip edge The lip is rounded with notches frequently placed diagonally on the exterior of the lip. Appendages, which sometimes appear on these vessels, include lateral rim projections, bird effigies, vertical lugs, and horizontal rim projections.

Geographical Range
This type is from the northwestern Florida Coast and enters southwestern Georgia up the Chattahoochee River and Flint Rivers
Chronological Range
Middle to Late Mississippian, Fort Walton period.
Surface Treatment
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