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Hiwassee Island Complicated Stamped


Defined by Tom Lewis and Madeline Kneberg at the Hiwassee Island site on Hiwassee Island at the mouth of the Hiwassee River in eastern Tennessee. This pottery is identical to Etowah Complicated Stamped except that it is tempered with finely ground shell rather than sand or grit.

Sorting Criteria

Complicated stamping on fine to medium shell-tempered pottery. Designs include diamond shaped patterns formed by concentric lines bisected by transverse lines, occasionally forming a cross pattern. Known vessel forms include globular jars and bowls with rounded bases. Rims are vertical and out-curved. Lips are rounded, occasionally everted.

Geographical Range
This type occurs in eastern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia. The shell-tempered Hiwassee Island type occurs more in Tennessee while the grit-tempered Etowah is more prevalent in Georgia, but they do overlap in distribution.
Chronological Range
Early to Middle Mississippian.
Surface Treatment
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