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Gulf Check Stamped


Named by Gordon Willey in 1949. We do not think anyone has used this type in Georgia. The guess is that it is the same as Deptford Check Stamped, although a bit more recent. Presumably this would have been an ancestor to Wakulla Check Stamped. Named after Gulf County, Florida. Name was supposedly discarded by the Southeastern Archaeological Conference in 1951 or 1953 according to Bullen (1966:11).

Sorting Criteria

Check stamping on fine sand-tempered pottery. Vessel shape is most likely a simple pot form. Rims are out-slanting and out-flared slightly. Lips are round-flat and unmodified. The illustration is of an early Swift Creek notched rim form.

Geographical Range
This type is from northwestern Florida Coast and perhaps southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle Woodland, Santa Rosa-Swift Creek period.
Surface Treatment
Pottery Image(s)