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Caldwell, Joseph Ralston

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
221 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Hartwell Reservoir, South Carolina and Georgia

The Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, is planning to build a power and flood control dam on the Upper Savannah River at a site 7 miles east of Hartwell, Georgia.

Hart 1953
5407 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources, Buford Reservoir in Hall, Forsyth, Dawson, and Gwinnett Counties

In recommending a certain amount of archeological excavation at Buford the purely scientific considerations have been tempered by the realization that this, after all, can be no more than an emergency salvage undertaking.

Dawson 1953
5593 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston, McRorie, Robert A. Proposal to the Branigar Organization Inc. For Archaeological Investigations on Skidaway Island, Chatham County, Georgia, Priest Landing Marina

Frankly, it is our belief that in their eroded condition, having been explored by both amateurs and professionals alike without positive results, and not having any known association with an historic event of substance, that these mounds are not worthy of eligibility for nomination to the Nation

Cherokee 1997
5857 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources, Allatoona Reservoir in Bartow, Cobb and Cherokee Counties, Georgia

The area to be flooded by the Allatoona Dam was examined for archaeological remains by the Smithsonian Institution in February, 12-15, 1946, and during the period November 12, 1946, to April 1, 1947.

Fulton 1989
6084 Thompson, Charles E., Caldwell, Joseph Ralston The Booger Bottom Mound: A Forsyth Period Site in Hall County, Georgia

None present.

DeKalb 2010
6334 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of the Clark Hill Reservoir Area

The present survey tested this site in a number of places, under Mr. Caldwell's able direction, and found that the bases of sane of these mounds are still intact.

Columbia 1948
6575 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Report of the Excavations at Fairchild's Landing and Hare's Landing, Seminole County, Georgia

None Present.

Rockdale 1977
6761 Hutto, Brooks, Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Archaeological Survey of the Elbert County, Georgia, Portion of the Proposed Trotters Shoals Reservoir, Savannah River

This archaeological survey of the parts of the proposed Trotters Shoals Reservoir lying within the state of Georgia was conducted by the writer during January, 1969.

Jefferson 2000
7588 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Proposal for Historical and Archaeological Investigations in the Wallace Reservoir of the Georgia Power Company

The proposed Wallace Dam at Laurens Shoals will flood parts of the Oconee and Apalachee Valleys to a point 435.6 feet above sea level. Counties to be affected by flooding will be Greene, Hancock, Morgan and Putnam. The Georgia Power Company plans to have the dam completed in 1975.

Greene 1972
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