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Lab Series Publications

The following publications are those of the University of Georgia Laboratory of Archaeology. Entitled the Laboratory of Archaeology Series Reports, this series was begun in 1960 by Arthur R. Kelly, the founder of the University of Georgia Department of Anthropology as well as the Laboratory of Archaeology. These publications were printed for sale for numbers 1-39. We have had very limited success in selling these in recent years, and as of early 2011 we have decided to make the Lab Series a PDF download series only. We anticipate adding many new titles in the coming months. All the publications listed here are in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF format, with the size listed in megabytes after each title.

Lab Series # Year Author(s) Title
61 1978 Ledbetter, Robert Jerald Wallace Project Backhoe Testing Program
62 1977 Hally, David Judson, Wood, W. Dean An Archaeological Survey of the Wallace Dan Tailrace
63 2011 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Survey and Excavations of the Archaeological Resources of the Allatoona Reservoir
64 1981 Wood, W. Dean An Analysis of Two Early Woodland Households From the Cane Island Site, 9Pm209
65 1977 Ho Lee, Chung Settlement Pattern Analysis of the Late Mississippian Period in Piedmont Georgia
66 1976 DePratter, Chester Burton Lab Series Publication 66
67 2012 Graham, Katherine C. Excavations at the Sweetgum Site (9MG245), Morgan County, Georgia: 1990 Field Season
68 1994 Rudolph, James L. Population, Settlement, and Subsistence in the Oconee River Valley, Georgia
69 1976 Jefferies, Richard W. The Tunacunnhee Site: Evidence of Hopewell Interaction in Northwest Georgia
70 2013 Sears, William H. Kolomoki Memoirs
71 1953 Sears, William H. Excavations at Etowah 1953
72 1983 DePratter, Chester Burton Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Chiefdoms in the Southeastern United States
73 2013 Miller, Carl F. Archaeological Test Excavations in the Allatoona Reservoir Northwestern Georgia
74 1941 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston, McCann, Catherine Irene Mound Site Chatham County, Georgia
75 1948 Sears, William H. Excavations at Kolomoki Season I - 1948
76 1950 Sears, William H. Excavations at Kolomoki Season II - 1950
77 1952 Sears, William H. Excavations at Kolomoki Season III and IV - Mound D
78 1956 Sears, William H. Excavations at Kolomoki Final Report
79 1985 Duncan, Gwyneth A. A Morphological Analysis of the Tugalo Phase Vessel Assemblage
80 2014 Williams, John Mark Archaeological Excavations at the Annewakee Creek Site, 9DO2 Roy Dickens’ 1972 Archaeology Field School
81 2014 Caldwell, Sheila Kelly Archaeological Excavations at the Darien Bluff Site, 9MC10 1952-1953
82 2014 Caldwell, Joseph Ralston Archaeological Excavations at Fairchilds Landing and Hares Landing, Seminole County, Georgia
83 1995 Brooks, Christopher A. Lab Series Publication 83
84 1992 Wood, Karen Green Lab Series Publication 84
85 2012 Napolitano, Matthew Frank The Role of Back-barrier Islands in the Native American Economies of St. Catherines Island, Georgia
86 2012 Devan Perrine, Rachel Laura Bourbon Field: Preliminary Investigations of a Barrier Island Plantation Site, Sapelo Island, Georgia
87 1976 Midgette, Gordon Moody Fort Morris at Sunbury: Survey and First Excavations
88 1997 Bonhage Freund, Mary Theresa Lab Series Publication 88
89 1990 Stevenson, Keith Investigation of Ocmulgee Cord-marked Pottery Sites in the Big Bend Region of Georgia
90 1998 Reid, Dawn Marie Lab Series Publication 90