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Lab Series Publications

The following publications are those of the University of Georgia Laboratory of Archaeology. Entitled the Laboratory of Archaeology Series Reports, this series was begun in 1960 by Arthur R. Kelly, the founder of the University of Georgia Department of Anthropology as well as the Laboratory of Archaeology. As of early 2011, the Laboratory of Archaeology Series Reports were switched to pdfs.

Many of these contain information on the excavation and interpretation of Indigenous burials. Images and drawings of burials, Ancestors, funerary objects, and other NAGPRA material have been redacted. Research, access, and use of NAGPRA material (including documents and media) controlled by UGA is prohibited and will be granted only after consultation and written approval from an official representative of the affiliated Tribe(s) as well as from the controlling federal or state agency. If you are interested in accessing an unredacted version of the below pdfs, please email the Operations Director ( to enter into consultation. .

Lab Series # Year Author(s) Title
92 1988 Kelly, Patricia The Architecture of the King Site
93 1979 Pearson, Charles E. Patterns of Mississippian Period Adaptation in Coastal Georgia
94 1978 Jefferies, Richard W. Intersite Activity Variability in Lookout Valley Area of Northwest Georgia
95 1975 Smith, Betty Anderson A Re-Analysis of the Mandeville Site, 9CLA1, Focusing on its Internal History and External Relations
96 2016 Roberts Thompson, Amanda D., Coker, Adam, Scale English, Mary, Thompson, Victor D., Winterhalter, Shannon A Current Inventory of Known Cultural Resources on Ossabaw Island, Georgia
97 2016 Williams, Mark, Thompson, Victor D. The Caldwell Ceramic Papers
98 2002 Howdeshell, Heather Jean The Archaeology of the Lake Springs Shell Midden (9CB22), Clark Hill Reservoir, Columbia County, Georgia
99 1977 Pennington, Marilyn Johnson A Comparison of Non-Flaked Stone Artifacts from Two Early Historic Sites in Northwest Georgia
100 1994 Pluckhahn, Thomas J. The Evolution of Settlement and Land Use in Jackson and Madison Counties, Georgia
101 2009 Brannan, Stefan Attribute and Spatial Analysis of Lithics at Harden Bridge
102 1996 Chamblee, John Francis Settlement Pattern Change at the Fishing Creek Tract, Greene County, Georgia
103 1998 Neumann, Thomas W., Chamblee, John Francis The Clay Objects From the Mississippian Mound Site/Plant Hammond Site (9FL3)
104 2022 Williams, Mark Mapping the Neisler Mound, 9TR1
105 2022 Williams, Mark Archaeological Excavations at the Irene Site Volume II
106 2022 Williams, Mark Ephraim G. Squier’s Copy of William Bartram’s Observations of the Creek and Cherokee Indians
107 2022 Williams, Mark The Avery Mound Site, 9TP64, A Brief Introduction
108 1975 Kelly, Arthur Randolph, Smith, Betty Anderson The Swift Creek Site, 9BI3, Macon, Georgia
109 2014 Cutcliff, Hannah, Williams, Mark William T. Sanders' 1956 Archaeological Survey in the Ocmulgee Valley of Central Georgia
110 2022 Williams, Mark, Jones, KC Ethan Allen Hitchcock and Native American Round Structures