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Report Abstracts

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
51 Carnes, Linda F., Dickens, Roy S. An Archaeological and Historical Assessment of Phase I Development Area (Proposed Golf Course), Milledgeville, Georgia

The proposed golf course area of Phase I development was subjected to a visual surface inspection by pedestrian survey. The entire property was examined in areas where the ground was not obscured by vegetation; e.g. roadbeds, wash-outs, footpaths, and fence lines.

Baldwin 1977
52 Smith, Betty Anderson Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Cedar Creek Transmission Line, Baldwin County, Georgia

During the week of January 17, 1977 a survey of the Fitzgerald wastewater treatment facility was completed in order to assess the impact of the proposed construction upon cultural resources, as required by federal mandates implemented by 36 C.F.R.

Baldwin 1977
53 Miller, James J. An Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Proposed Fitzgerald Wastewater Treatment Facility, Ben Hill County, Georgia

None Present.

Ben Hill 1977
54 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Sewage Treatment Facility Pembroke, Bryan County, Georgia Clearing House #76-04-06-21

None Present.

Bryan 1977
55 No Title - Site 9Bu6

None Present.

Bulloch 1977
56 Black, Eugene C. An Archaeological Survey of Dougherty County

None Present.

Dougherty 1977
57 Anderson, Nain E. Archaeological Survey Report for Rso-094416 Crisp, Worth and Dougherty Counties, Georgia

None Present.

Crisp 1977
58 Crusoe, Donald Lewis An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Wastewater Treatment Facilities, City of Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia

Following the draft guidelines, dated January 1, 1977, provided by the Office of State Archeologist at the 1977 conference, and made incumbent on the Fayetteville project by the State Archeologist and the State Historic Preservation Officer in person, this section is numbe

Fayette 1977
59 Meier, Lawrence W. Archaeological and Historical Assessment of West Smyrna Park

This report details the results of archaeological survey and assessment which were performed on the future site of West Smyrna Park, Cobb County, during the period from August 27, to September 2, 1977.

Cobb 1977
60 Anderson, Nain E. Archaeological Survey Report, Environmental Analysis Bureau, Georgia Department of Transportation: RS-1622(8), Laurens County

LOCATION: This project is a bridge replacement over Turkey Creek. The bridge replacement is a part of a larger project involving reconstruction of a two-lane facility -- S.R. 257 between Dublin and Dexter.

Laurens 1977