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Report Abstracts

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
1 Jefferies, Richard W. Archaeological Survey of Lookout Valley, Georgia

Until recently, archaeological research in the Southeast has been oriented toward the excavation of a relatively disjointed collection of sites, with particular emphasis on the excavation of mounds and large habitation areas.

Dade 1975
2 Christensen, William F. Results of Archaeological Field Survey of Sewerage Treatment Site

A field survey to locate archaeological resources was carried out on February 19 and 27 on the site. This field failed to turn up any cultural resources on the proposed sewerage treatment site.

Jefferson 1976
3 Holmes, Lynn I-20 Interstate

The following report covers a survey of the archaeological and historical resources threatened with destruction by the future construction of Atlanta to Birmingham Interstate Route 20 in Douglas, Carroll, and Haralson Counties in Georgia. The survey was started in March 1971 by John H.

Carroll 1971
4 Meier, Lawrence W. An Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources, Cobb, and Fulton Counties, Georgia and Other Related Areas of the Chattahoochee River Valley

It was learned that the well-documented site of Standing Peach Tree (9-Co-1) would soon be taken by the Chattahoochee Treatment Plant, a combined facility of Cobb and Fulton Counties.

Cobb 1971
5 McCluskey, George H., Larson, Lewis H. Archaeological Salvage Investigations at the Cooleewahee Creek and Pineland Sites in Baker County, Georgia

Report Missing.

Baker 1976
6 Honerkamp, Nicholas Archaeological Field Survey of the Alvin W. Vogtle Nuclear Plant Property in Burke County, Georgia

It can be seen that areas of occupation that were found were located exclusively near and on bluff regions.

Burke 1974
7 Crook, Morgan Raymond WGC 25 Euharlee Creek Site

A vast majority of the surface material was encountered on the west side of the creek, in the flood plain, approximately 100 yards north of the Nathan Dean Highway along the edge of a cultivated field.

Polk 1985
8 Sheldon, Craig T. A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the Northern Shore of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia

On February 2 and 8, and March 2, 1975, a total of twelve hours was spent conducting a surface survey for possible archaeological and historical sites on the extreme northern end of Colonel's Island, Glynn County, Georgia. The survey was limited to the following areas: 1).

Glynn 1975
9 Kohler, Timothy Archaeological Survey of Potential Industrial Sites

None Present.

Glynn 1975
10 Sheldon, Craig T., Johnson, Kenneth W. A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Structure No. 80, Lower Little Tallapoosa River Watershed, Carroll County, Georgia, Volume 1

None Present.

Carroll 1975