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Report Abstracts

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
11 Kelly, Arthur Randolph Appendix to a Report on Supplemental Archaeological Survey of Structure 1m and Trion Dikes 1 and 2, Headwaters of the Chattooga Watershed, Chattooga and Walker Counties, Georgia

None Present.

Chattooga 1975
12 Mathews, David An Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Peachtree Creek Relief Trunk Sewer, Atlanta, Georgia

A Survey for archaeological and historical materials was carried out along the route of the Peachtree Creek Relief Trunk from the confluence of the North Fork and South Fork of Peachtree Creek west to the termination point at the Clayton treatment plant on the Chattahoochee River. Dr.

Fulton 1974
13 Zurel, Richard L., Gresham, Thomas H. An Archaeological Survey of Channel, Dike, and Streambank Protection Structures, Big Mortar - Snuffbox Swamp Watershed, Long and McIntosh Counties, Georgia

This report describes the results of an archaeological survey of structural measures to be constructed by the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) in the Big Mortar- Snuff Box Swamp Watershed, Long and McIntosh Counties, Georgia.

Long 1975
14 Pietak, Lynn Marie The Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Improvements to the Glade Road Project Area, Bartow County, Georgia

During August 2006, archaeologists with Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. (EPEI) conducted a survey for the widening and reconstruction of County Route (CR) 633/Glade Road (Figure 1).

Bartow 2007
15 A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment for All Alternate Sections of Apd-056-1 (31)

None Present.

Cherokee 1976
16 Simpkins, Daniel L. Archaeological Survey of an Alternative Route for Proposed Sewer Utility Improvements for the City of Carrollton, Georgia

None Present.

Carroll 1976
17 Schneider, Kent A. Archaeological Testing of a Site in the Chattahoochee National Forest - C.C.Knight

None Present.

Whitfield 1976
18 Nielsen, Jerry T. A Cultural Resources Survey of the Area Affected by the Suck Bend Reach Channel Improvement Chattahoochee River, in the Vicinity of Ft. Gains, Georgia

None Present.

Clay 1976
19 Garrow, Patrick H. Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey Proposed Wastewater Treatment Facilities Town of Meigs, Georgia Our Project Number Es-749

The purpose of this project was to conduct a brief archaeological reconnaissance within the areas to be impacted by construction of the various components proposed in the Meigs 201 Facilities Plan.

Mitchell 1976
20 Nielsen, Jerry T. A Cultural Resources Survey of Areas Affected by the Proposed Flood Control Levee on Sweetwater Creek, Austell, Georgia

None Present.

Cobb 1976