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Report Abstracts

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
21 Meier, Lawrence W. City of Fayetteville 201 Waste Facilities Study: Intensive Archaeological Reconnaissance and Botanical Survey, Fayette County, Georgia

None Present.

Fayette 1976
22 Midgette, Gordon Moody A Preliminary Appraisal of Archaeological, Historical, and Related Natural Science Resources in the Proposed Curry Creek Dam Reservoir Basin

None Present.

Jackson 1968
23 Rogers, Anne Frasier, Dickens, Roy S. Archaeological Survey Covington, Recreation Area: Preliminary Report

None Present.

Newton 1977
24 Marrinan, Rochelle A. Archeological Survey of Two Proposed Recreation Areas, Liberty County, Georgia

None Present.

Liberty 1976
25 Miller, James J. An Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Proposed Shellman 201 Wastewater Treatment Facility, Randolph County, Georgia

On June 30, 1976 a survey of the Shel1man wastewater treatment facility was completed in order to assess the impact of the proposed project upon cultural resources, as required by federal mandates implemented by 36 C.F.R.

Randolph 1976
26 Garrow, Patrick H. Archaeological and Botanical Survey Proposed Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Young Harris, Georgia, Our Project Number Es-708

The Young Harris Phase II project consisted of subsurface testing of archaeological resources to be impacted by construction of a wastewater treatment plant proposed by the Young Harris 201 Facilities Plan. This project was conducted at the request of Mr. John B.

Towns 1976
27 Ferguson, Leland G., Widmer, Randolph J. Archaeological Examination of a Transect Through the Middle Savannah River Valley: The Bobby Jones Expressway, Richmond County, Georgia

None Present.

Richmond 1976
28 Dickens, Roy S. An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Alternate Routes for I-675, Appendix III Completion of Archaeological Survey on Previously Inaccessible Properties on Alternate A., December 8, 1976

When the report entitled "An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Alternate Routes for 1-675" was submitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation on June 2, 1976, two properties, both owned by F.A. Milligan, were not available for survey.

DeKalb 1976
29 Nielsen, Jerry T. A Cultural Resources Survey of Area Affected by the Proposed Flood Control Project on Town Branch, Summerville, Georgia

None Present.

Chattooga 1976
30 Hally, David J., Jefferies, Richard W. An Archaeological Survey of Structures 1, 2, 3, 33, 51, and 60, Grove River Watershed, Jackson and Banks Counties, Georgia, 1975

This report represents the results of a field survey of archaeological sites in five proposed construction areas in the Grove River Watershed, Jackson and Banks Counties, Georgia.

Banks 1975