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Report Abstracts

Report Number Author(s) Title Abstract Summary County Year
81 Pearson, Charles E., Pearson, Sharon Goad Cultural Resources Reconnaissance of Construction Project Areas on Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia Volume 1 and 2

An archaeological survey of portions of Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia, located few archaeological sites. None of these sites will be adversely affected by proposed construction projects in the Refuge.

Chatham 1978
82 Schnell, Frank T. A Cultural Resource Assessment of Rigdon Park, Columbus, Georgia

None Present.

Muscogee 1978
83 Evans, E. Raymond, Brown, Jeffrey L. Archaeological Reconnaissance of Proposed Outfall for the Expanded Chickamauga Wastewater Treatment Plant

None Present.

Walker 1978
84 Meier, Lawrence W. A Report of Survey of the Long Island Creek Sewerage Project File: 303.136

None Present.

Fulton 1978
85 Morgan, John R. An Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Access Road and Parking Lot at Providence Canyon State Park, Stewart County, Georgia

The route of an access road and the site of a parking lot proposed for Providence Canyon State Park, Stewart County, Georgia, were archaeologically surveyed in November 1978. No areas of archaeological significance were identified by the survey.

Stewart 1978
86 Watson, Claudia L., Wheaton, Thomas R. Archaeological Survey of Proposed Land Application Site Claxton, Georgia, Project Number Es-1041a

The Earth Systems Division of SSI is pleased to submit this final Archaeological Survey Report for the Claxton, Georgia Proposed Land Application Site. The report contains a detailed account of the findings and recommendations of our survey.

Evans 1978
87 Grosser, Roger D. Appendix D. Archaeological and Vegetative Survey

On July 26-27, 1978, an archaeological reconnaissance survey was conducted for the city of Villa Rica, Carroll County, Georgia, in the areas of the proposed pump stations and sewage system (Figure 2). The area covered by the sewage system is approximately 41-2 miles.

Carroll 1978
88 Grosser, Roger D. An Archaeological Survey, Housing Authority, Cave Spring, Georgia, 1978

On February 24 and 26, 1978, an archaeological reconnaissance was conducted for the Housing Authority of Cave Spring, Georgia, in an area to be disturbed by building construction subsidized by the Federal Housing Authority. The project site encompasses 8.586 acres.

Floyd 1978
89 Nielsen, Jerry T. Cultural Resources Survey Washhouse Location, Van Pugh Park Lake Lanier, Georgia

On 12 July 1978, Mobile District Archaeologists performed a cultural resources survey of a proposed camper washhouse location at Van Pugh Park, Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia. One archaeological site was located within the proposed construction area.

Hall 1978
90 Grosser, Roger D. An Archaeological Survey, Summerville, Georgia

On September 5, 1978, an archaeological reconnaissance was conducted for the city of Summerville, Georgia, in the area to be used for construction of a new pipeline. The area covered by the pipeline lies north of the city limits of Summerville and west of U.S. Highway 27 (Figure 1).

Chattooga 1978